Port Towns Walkable Watershed

Community Questionnaire

Please share your thoughts! / ¡Por favor comparte tus pensamientos!

Your input will help identify opportunities to address pedestrian-bike connectivity and stormwater management needs in Port Town communities to:

  • Improve safe access to community destinations and outdoor spaces;
  • Support a clean, healthy watershed; and
  • Celebrate the area’s rich cultural and ecological history centered around the Anacostia River

Su opinión ayudará identificar oportunidades para mejorar la conección de peatones y bicicletas y mojorar el manejo de aguas pluviales en las comunidades de Port Town para:

  • mejorar el acceso seguro a destinos comunitarios y espacios verdes,
  • apoyar una cuenca limpia y saludable, y
  • celebrar la rica cultura y ecológia del río Anacostia.

Please refer to the map provided when answering the questions. Your participation is greatly appreciated!

Por favor consulte el mapa mientras respondes a las preguntas. ¡Tu participación es importante y apreciada!

Link: www.surveymonkey.com/r/PortTowns 

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Please check back often for updates!

Download the project flyer, click here for Spanish version and here for English version. 



The Port Towns Walkable Watershed (WW) project is a community-based, green infrastructure planning tool to address flooding and resilience. The University of Maryland Environmental Finance Center, Skeo, and Defensores de la Cuenca are supporting this grant funded effort.  The WW planning approach is unique in linking environmental and social equity goals. This integrated approach means that communities can leverage more resources, work more efficiently to find new solutions, and increase the likelihood of success by acting on multiple fronts simultaneously!

The WW project:

  • considers connectivity, watershed health and ecological stewardship at a community-wide scale.
  • engages community members and partners to work together to protect the watershed while also supporting community goals, such as improved connectivity and access, safe routes, vibrant open space and outdoor amenities.
  • results in a cohesive plan to improve the overall health of the community that can guide future efforts to improve watershed and community health, strengthen local infrastructure, and leverage investment, resulting in improved quality of life and watershed health for years to come.


This project will take place over the next 18 months, ending in Spring 2025.




Ways to Engage:

There will be a variety of ways to engage and have your voices heard! There will be multiple open community meetings and rain barrel workshops.

We are also looking for volunteers for to join stakeholder groups. If you’re interested in joining in any capacity, please reach out to Michelle Kokolis at 301-405-3577 or email.

This project is made possible by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.