Linking water quality and quality of life

While watershed planning is not new, a Walkable Watershed is unique in linking environmental and social equity goals. This integrated approach means that we can help local communities leverage more resources, work more efficiently to find new solutions, and increase the likelihood of success by acting on multiple fronts simultaneously.

ColloborationOur approach to planning a Walkable Watershed is above all about collaboration. We work to:
1) bring together stakeholders,
2) develop a shared understanding of watershed issues,
3) identify strategies that improve both pedestrian conditions and the flow and quality of water, and
4) unify these outcomes into a cohesive vision to leverage funding and partnerships for implementation.

PlanIn short, a Walkable Watershed starts with a bold vision and calls for a combination of creativity, technical analysis and stakeholder engagement to design a viable plan that includes:

  • Neighborhood Connectivity
  • Safe Routes
  • Watershed Health
  • Vibrant Open Space
  • Education + Awareness
  • Community Building

process-web (1)The process brings members of a community together with planners to develop a shared vision and set of priorities. The outcome is a watershed concept plan that helps to guide, coordinate and leverage investment in a community, demonstrating how taking care of its water will take care of its residents too. Benefits typically range from increased health and safety to the well-being that comes from having access to outdoor space and clean, well-maintained waterways.

Restoring watersheds and communities – step by step
A Walkable Watershed starts with a bold vision and turns it into a viable plan through a process that includes:

  • Community Needs Assessment
  • Existing Conditions Analysis
  • Community Engagement Forums
  • Concept Plan Development
  • Community Coalition Development and Support
  • WaterLINK  – interactive maps linking communities with their watersheds
  • Strategic Action Agenda

Please contact Alisa Hefner for more information.