Press Release

RELEASE DATE: August 29, 2013
Contact: Alisa Hefner, Program Manager, Skeo Solutions, 434-975-6700 x235,

RALEIGH, NC, selected as pilot community for Walkable Watershed Concept Plan

Charlottesville, Virginia. Skeo Solutions announced today that the City of Raleigh, North Carolina has been selected as the pilot community for the Walkable Watershed Concept Plan. The project is being run and funded by Skeo Solutions, a national leader in providing community-based planning to hundreds of local governments across the country. Applications were submitted from local governments in North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland. The pilot project, valued at $40,000, will include services including visioning and strategy work, technical analysis, community engagement and the creation of a detailed concept plan. The Walkable Watershed initiative is a new opportunity for local governments and community organizations to improve both water quality and the quality of life in urban, underserved neighborhoods.

While watershed planning is not new, the Walkable Watershed approach is unique in linking the concepts of equity, community health, water quality and smart growth. A Walkable Watershed integrates the flow of water and people into a cohesive strategy to improve the overall health of a community and the surrounding watershed. The concept is based on the idea that a high-quality watershed goes hand-in-hand with a high quality of life, supporting access to the outdoors, enhanced community infrastructure and services, and stronger health. This integrated approach allows participants to leverage resources from multiple sources and work efficiently to find new solutions.

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To download a copy the report from the first Walkable Watershed pilot in Richmond, Virginia click here.